Services We Offer

Retreading Services

We Retread;

  • Solid tires

  • Non-marking tires

  • Foam filled tires

  • Industrial pneumatic tires (8 ply rating or more)

  • Construction tires

  • Skid steer tires

  • Scissor lift tires

  • Mining tires

  • Aircraft tires

  • Rubber molded to rim tires

  • Almost any tire with an outside diameter between 8" and 60".

  • Quick Turn Around Times

  • Exchange Program

Fleet Surveys

We will examine your fleet of industrial vehicles and equipment and give your company a report 

regarding the condition of your tires. You can integrate and use this report as part of your company's OSHA records. There is no charge for this free service

We also provide free tire comparison analyses.

We can measure and compare the wear, durability and price of one tire brand tire to another on your 

industrial equipment and provide you a report so your company can make informed industrial tire buying decisions.

Experienced Sales Professionals 

With over 50 years of Industrial Tire experience, we also provide experienced sales professionals. Our Sales Team can also provide free of charge pick up and delivery service from Riverside California to Sacramento California


We Carry;​

  • New Tires

  • Retreaded Tires

  • Used Tires

  • Casings

Section Repair

We Repair;

  • OTR Tires

  • Industrial Tires

  • Farm Tires

  • Sidewall Damage

  • Shoulder Damage

  • Chord Damage

All using state of the art equipment with quick turn around. 

Tire Pressing

We offer;

  • Mobile On-site pressing Service

  • In-house Pressing Service 

  • Experienced  Technician's

Foam Fill & Flat Proofing 

We Have and Use;

  • Industrial T-25 high strength polymer Tire fill

  • Re-pressurization service

Our Tire fill is never Chunked, we use high quality materials and professional standards for to keep your Industrial equipment and business going. 

Waste Tire Pick Up & Removal

We are a California licensed Waste Tire Hauler offering;​

  • Removal of Industrial waste tires

  • Recycling of Industrial waste tires

  • Charge by the pound or by the tire

  • No hidden trip fees

  • No scale fees

  • OTR waste tire removal (coming soon)