The McCoys History

The McCoy family has been in the retread business over 75 Years.

The founder John McCoy built his first retread plant for “Y” Tire Co. near Los Angeles, California in 1936.  He built his own tire shop and retread plant in Bakersfield, California in 1940.

John’s goal was to extend the life of truck and passenger tires through retreading. Because of the severe tire shortage during World War II tires were rationed. John was able to provide his customers with tires at about half the cost of new tires. That operation was sold after the war had ended in 1946.

John then moved north to Stanislaus County where he raised his family and built another retread plant and tire selling business. This is where the whole family worked. John’s wife Janet was the financial director and taught their daughter Louise the bookkeeping responsibilities.  John taught his boys, Jack and Bob, how to change a tire and how to operate a retreading business.

Jack's hobby at the time was auto racing. In the 1950’s he helped pioneer the retreading of racing tires. This soon became a national and international business. The racing tire business became a big part of the retread business. Jack took on the responsibilities of the race tire business and separated the race tire business from the truck tire and passenger tire business.

Bob bought the retread equipment from the Modesto shop in 1969 from his father John.  Bob and his wife Sandra moved the equipment to Ceres in the early 70’s. They retreaded truck, light truck and passenger tires.  It was while retreading tires for the military that Bob realized there was a need for retreading industrial tires.  The “Special Service” method of retreading forklift and loader tires was developed in Bob’s retread shop in the 1980’s with the help of Long Mile Rubber Company.

McCoy’s Industrial Tire, Inc. in Ceres now specializes in industrial tires and industrial tire retreading, and is operated by Bob’s son, BJ.

McCoy Truck Tire in Modesto specializes in truck tire retreading and is separately owned and operated by Louise, John’s daughter, and her husband Jim Barnick.

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