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What is foam fill?


Foam fill is a way of making your present air tires a solid rubber tire. Flat proofing is the main purpose for foam filling tires. Foam fill has become popular on equipment equipped with tubeless tires because they can be flat proofed without buying a new tire and wheel. Foam fill is a soft durometer polyurethane rubber that is pressurized in the tire to equal the air pressure the tire would have, so the tire will retain a ride similar to the air tire.


Does Foam Fill add much weight to my tires?




For example, a wheelbarrow tire (4.80-8) takes 20 pounds to fill with polyurethane rubber.


Can I foam fill the tires on my A T V?


We don’t recommend it.  A 22-11-8 ATV tire takes 60 pounds of fill.  The added weight may be too hard on the drive train unless the manufacturer has beefed it up. Check with the dealer before you have these tires filled some Industrial models are O K to fill.


Can I foam fill the tires on my car?




Not if you want to drive your car for long distances at highway speeds, the added volume of rubber will cause tires to over heat. Generally vehicles with foam filled tires run continually at speeds slower than 30 miles per hour safely, without damaging the fill or tires, but may run for short periods at higher speeds.




Can my foam filled tires be retreaded?




We can usually retread any size foam filled tire from a 400-8 thru a 20.5-25 in our Special Service retread shop; as long as you don’t wear them into the cords. And cuts are repairable.



Does foam filling a tire increase the tire’s load carrying capacity?




The tire’s load carrying capacity will remain the same. The additional weight added by the foam fill will cause the load on the tires to increase.  The load carrying capacity of a tire is printed on the sidewall of the tire or available from the manufacturer.


What causes pockets or dimples in foam filled tires?


Pockets or dimples in foam filled tires are usually caused by “chunking.”  Chunking occurs when chunks of cut up polyurethane rubber are placed into a tire before filling it, to save money.  As the tire is used, air pockets begin to form and can cause premature tire failure.  McCoy’s does not use chunking in any of its foam filled tires.


What is in McCoy’s Special Service Tire Fill?


McCoy’s Special Service Tire Fill contains a blend of polyurethane grindings mixed with uncured tire fill.  Bench testing has shown that McCoy’s Special Service Tire Fill is more durable and more cut resistant than pure tire fill alone.


What are the best type of tires foam fill?


Tires should be used in the application for which they are designed.  The best type of tires to foam fill for an application are the ones are rated to handle the operating load and speed of the equipment upon which the tires will be used. 


May foam filled radial truck tires be substituted for industrial tires?

We recommend against it.  Radial truck tires are designed for higher speeds and lower weight carrying capacity than industrial tires are.  The load of a tire is carried by the air or foam fill inside the tire, not by the tire itself.  Industrial tires are designed to hold more pressure than radial truck tires, and therefore are designed to hold more weight.  Some shops will over-pressurize radial truck tires with foam fill to make them handle more weight than they were designed by the manufacturer to handle.  Although this practice may appear to work, McCoy’s will not engage in this practice as it creates a safety concern and violates OSHA regulations.


Will foam filling my tires void the tire manufacturer’s warranty?




Once a tire is foam filled, the manufacturer of a tire will not warranty it, even if the tire is defective.


If a foam filled tire appears to have low pressure, can it be repressurized?


Frequently, yes.


And we recommend it be repressurized as soon as is reasonably possible.  Running tires in a low pressure condition can quickly destroy any tire and the foam fill inside the tire.  Once a tire is damaged, it cannot be repressurized.



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