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McCoy's Industrial Tire Inc.

Our Services

Let us help you save money.

Section Repairs

Don't trash your damaged OTR tires

We have state of the art equipment to repair damged crowns, shoulders, and sidewalls on OTR tires 

Industrial Tire Retreading

Want to take a big bite out of your operating costs?

Try our Special Service Retreads.

McCoy’s unique Special Service Retread System and Special Service materials are designed to give your industrial tires maximum performance in the most severe and grueling conditions.


Mobile Service

Cut your downtime

With our mobile press we can replace your industrial tires at your job-site.

Tire Fill

McCoy's flatproofing is your best defense against flats

Tirefill allows you to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal, and rock. In spite of cuts and punctures, it keeps you rolling by eliminating costly downtime.


Fleet Inspections

No cost to you

Our service technicians can inspect your tires and give you a report of their condition.

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