McCoy’s unique Special Service Retread System and Special Service materials are designed to give your Special Service Industrial tires maximum performance in the most severe and grueling conditions. *Special Service is a patented, franchised system of retreading Industrial tires developed by McCoy’s and Long-mile Rubber Company expressly for industrial tires.



Industrial tires that have been retreaded in McCoy’s Special Service System can deliver equal service of a new tire at 50% of the new tires cost or less.



Our Special Service process has the proper equipment to ensure a round tire when finished. Our Special Service equipment is engineered to process the added weight of the Industrial tires without destroying them.

We do not retread truck tires in our system. Truck tires are retreaded using a different method and different tread rubber than industrial tires. Special Service, material handling tires are designed for vehicles going under 35 MPH. Truck tires are designed to go long distances over the highway at highway speeds..        Industrial tires retreaded with truck rubber in a truck tire retread system 

can fail and wear out much quicker than tires retreaded with our special service rubber and equipment. 



  Rubber requirements differ for Industrial tires. Different operations require different industrial rubber and rubber compounds, depending on where the tires are used.


  McCoy’s Standard Industrial Rubber is a tuff rock service tread compound      designed for off highway use, it is resistant to cutting and chipping and comes in designs that will outlast truck rubber.


McCoy’s H. V. Rubber  is harder industrial rubber and is designed to roll easier and wear longer on flat hard surfaces. Best choice for long wear and energy conservation. (A good choice for electric trucks and inside buildings with concrete floors.


McCoy’s Non Marking Rubber is available in all sizes and designs for industrial tires we retread. When clean floors are necessary, this rubber will not leave black tire marks on your floors.


McCoy’s Siped Rubber offer more traction for floor scrubbers and equipment operating on wet, slippery or icy floors.


McCoy’s T.R. Rubber is designed for steer tires that run on hot asphalt.


  McCoy’s has other special or custom compounds available to meet your unique needs. Just tell us what your needs are and we will custom make tires for your unique operation.



·  Pneumatic Tires

· Foam Filled Tires

· Solid Tires

· Steel Rollers

· Press On Tires

· Truck Tires for Non Hwy Service   

·  Non Marking Tires


Our system will accommodate any size tire from a 4.00X8 solid tire thru 20.5x25 Loader tires.


We are the only Special Service Franchised Retread Shop in northern California.











*Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. now owns the franchise, patents and trademarks.


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